VBA(Visual Basic for Applications)


VBA is a programming language developed by Microsoft for automating tasks in Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. It allows you to create custom macros and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Integration with Office: VBA is integrated with Microsoft Office applications, allowing you to write code that interacts with and manipulates data within these programs. It's particularly powerful for tasks involving data processing, reporting, and analysis.
  • Objects and Methods: VBA uses a hierarchical structure of objects and methods to interact with Office applications
  • Error Handling: VBA provides error handling capabilities to manage and respond to runtime errors gracefully, preventing unexpected crashes.
  • Getting Started with VBA: What is VBA?, VBA Terminology, The VBA Editor & Immediate Window
  • Excel Objects: Objects and Collections, Methods and Properties, Application, Workbook & Worksheet, Working with the Range object
  • Using the VBA Editor: Project Explorer & Properties Window, Setting Breakpoints, Stepping through a procedure
  • Writing Procedures: Creating a command procedure, making sense of Intelligence, Commenting and Indenting, Bookmarking
  • Working with Variables: Understanding variables, creating and using variables, Declaring data types, Scope of variables, passing by value and reference, using arrays
  • User Defined Functions: Creating user defined functions
  • Programming Techniques: Msgbox, Inputbox, If statements, Select Case statements, For Loops and Do Loops
  • Error Handling: Understanding error types, Creating a simple error handler, Using the resume statement
  • Complementary learning materials
  • Hands-on exercises and practical scenarios
  • Experienced instructors
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