MOS-Microsoft Office Specialist


The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is a globally recognized credential that validates your skills in using Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

  • Skills Validation: MOS certification validates your proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications. It demonstrates to employers and colleagues that you have the skills and knowledge to be proficient in these tool
  • Course Content: MOS courses cover a wide range of topics related to the specific Microsoft Office application you are studying. These topics include both basic and advanced features to help you become proficient in using the software effectively
  • Global Recognition: MOS is a globally recognized certification. It's respected by businesses, organizations, and educational institutions worldwide
  • Job Opportunities: Having MOS certification can open up job opportunities in various industries. Many employers prefer candidates who are MOS certified because they can be more productive and efficient with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Introduction to MOS
Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Overview: Excel Interface, Workbook Window, Ribbon and Tabs in Excel, Features of Tabs in Excel, Mini Toolbar in Excel.
  • Excel Worksheet: Worksheets in Excel, Moving on Worksheet, Enter Data, Selecting, Delete, Move Data, Copy pastes and Paste Special in Excel, Spell Check in Excel, Hiding/Unhiding Worksheet, Excel Header and Footer.
  • Insert: Graphics, Pictures, Chart, Shapes, Freeze panes to lock rows and columns.
  • Formatting: Change the Date Format in Excel, 2. Format of a cell-Font, color, size, Align or rotate text, Format numbers as text.
  • Excel Calculation: Addition in Excel, Subtraction in Excel, Calculate average in Excel, Excel Fill Handle and Relative/Absolute Cell References, Fill Handle, How to Use Fill Handles in Excel, Relative and Absolute Cell References in MS Excel.
  • Excel Formula/Functions: Excel Creating Formulas, Quick Excel Functions, Average, Count, Max & Min, Trim, Len, Concatenate, Left, Right, Today & Now, Logical Functions in Excel(AND,NOT,OR). Add zeros before the number in Excel, Proper/Upper/Lower Case in Microsoft Excel, Excel Transpose Function, Filter Function, Sort in Excel.
  • Excel IF Function: If Function, Excel If Function with Calculations, COUNT, COUNTIF, and COUNTIFS Function.
  • Advance Excel: Excel Sumif function, Excel VLOOKUP from another Sheet, HLOOKUP formula in Excel, Pivot Table in Excel, Find and Remove duplicates in Excel, Conditional formatting in Excel, Create a drop-down list, Merge cells in Microsoft Excel, Excel Charts, Consolidation.
  • Print: Worksheet in Excel, Print Preview in Excel, Print Selection/ Range, Print Excel table, Hyperlink in Excel, Password protect in Excel sheet.
Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word Overview: Quick Access Toolbar, Title Bar, Ribbon and Tabs, Ruler, Text Basics, Insert, Delete, Select ,Copy and Paste, Save the Document
  • Features : Proofing Features, Correct Errors in MSWord, Check Word Count in MS Word
  • Formatting: Text, Change Font Size , Change Font Style, Format Font Color, Text Case, Alignment, Insert a Text Box, Bold, Italic and Underline, Formatting Paragraph, Create First Line Indent, Apply Style, Customize Style, Modify Page Layout, Change Page Orientation, Change Page Size, Change Page Margins
  • Insert: Page Break, Insert a header and footer, Insert Smart Art Graphics, Add Text in Smart Art Graphics, Insert Picture ,Insert Clip
  • Working with Tables: Insert ,Convert Text , Add Row ,Add Column ,Delete , Modify Table, Split Text to Columns, Inserting Illustrations
  • Format: Picture , Working with Lists, Create Bulleted and Numbered , Use Symbols
  • Using WordArt, Insert, Format
MS PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Overview: What is PowerPoint, Quick Access, Ribbon and Tabs, Features , Slide, Placeholder and Notes, Mini Toolbar
  • Presentation Basics: Creating, Save, Add, Apply Themes, Change the Background
  • Text Basics: Delete ,Format, Format Font Style, Format Text Color, Text Alignment, Insert a Text Box, Copy and Paste Text
  • Insert: Inserting Picture, Edit, Create Bulleted
  • Working with Tables: Insert, Modify or Format , Insert Table from Word or Excel
  • Working with Charts: Insert, Enter Chart Data, Format Chart
  • Slide Effects: Apply Animation, Custom Animation, Transition Effects, Transition Sound
  • Transition: Speed, Advance Slides, Viewing Slides
  • Customize Outlook settings: Customize the appearance of the program window, Configure program options, Set defaults for outgoing messages, Create and assign automatic signatures, Configure options for multiple accounts, Practice tasks
  • Automate Outlook: Automatically reply to messages, Create and manage Quick Steps
  • Print and save information in Outlook: View and save messages and attachments, Print Outlook items, Practice tasks
  • Search in Outlook: Search for items, Use Search Folders
  • Manage messages: Create and send messages, Configure message options, Respond to messages
  • Format messages: Format text, Apply themes and styles ,Apply styles Create hyperlinks, Insert images, Manage schedules, Insert memorized content, Insert signatures
  • Organize and manage messages: Categorize messages, Flag messages for follow-up, Manage conversations, Organize messages in folders, Manage junk email, Practice tasks, Objective review
  • Create and manage calendars: Configure calendar settings, Work with multiple calendars, Share calendar information
  • Create appointments, meetings, and events: Create appointments and events, Create meetings, Manage calendar items.
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  • Experiential Coverage
  • Flexible classroom and Online training
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